Setting up Lifecycle Insights for Datto Autotask PSA Data Integration


Total Estimated time: Less than 15 minutes

The purpose of this document is to instruct you how to configure both Autotask and Lifecycle Insights (LCI) so that data integration can occur between the two platforms.  The integration with Autotask can work both ways.   Specifically - Account, User and Asset (Configuration) data is pulled from Autotask. And optionally, you can write back Warranty Expiration dates from LCI to Autotask.

This document is broken down into two sections.

  • Autotask Configuration
    • You will need to create/define an API user account in Autotask.
  • Lifecycle Insights Configuration
    • You will enter the API credentials into Autotask Configuration panel in Lifecycle Insights

Autotask Configuration


Estimated Time: < 10 minutes

Lifecycle Insights requires API credentials to connect to Autotask.   The following outlines the steps to define the API user.   You must have Admin rights in Autotask to perform these steps.


Once logged into Autotask, go to Admin, expand RESOURCES/USERS(HR) and select Resources/Users.  All of these options are in the Features & Settings tab.


Click the New button.


Once you click New, a new dialog window will appear.  There are a number of required fields that you must enter for the new user, including First Name, Last Name, Email address, etc.  These are Autotask requirements that must be completed.

Once you fill out the required fields in the General tab, click on the Security tab.   Fill out the fields in this order:

  1. Security Level – Select API User (system)
    1. You may create a custom security level by copying the API User (System) security level. See Setting up a Custom Security Level in next section.
  2. Username – Enter value (IE. lciapi)
  3. Password and Confirm Password– Enter unique, strong password
  4. API Tracking Identifier – Select Integration Vendor radio button, then select: Lifecycle Insights – Business…


Click Save.    There a number of other Autotask Required fields to fill out.   You will be prompted as to which ones.  Please fill them out and Save and Close when done.

Make sure you copy/write down the full username and password.   You will need this information when setting up integration in LCI.

Setting up a Custom Security Level

Autotask comes with a default security level for API accounts – called API User (System).  You will likely want to use a more restricted security level.  If this is the case, make a copy of the API User (System) security level, and make the appropriate modifications as noted below.

  1. Go to Autotask Admin page
  3. In the Security section, click on Security Levels
  4. Right click on API User (System) (API-only) and click Copy Security Level
  5. Name the security level (IE. LCI API User)
  6. Click No Permission for the following entities:
    • Projects
    • Timesheets
    • Reports
    • Other
  7. Under Contracts
    • In the Object Permissions box, set View to All
    • In the Contract Visibility dropdown, set to Full

8. Under Admin– ensure only the following two items are checked:

  • Products & Services
  • Configuration Items

9. Under Inventory

  • Set all values to None or No, EXCEPT…Products / View.  Set that to All

10. Under CRM

  • Set the values as outlined below


  • Set the values outlined below

11. After saving and closing, you can then associate this security level to the API user you created earlier.

** These custom security settings are subject to change as we introduce features to LCI.  As an example our roadmap calls for pulling in Project information and potentially creating opportunities.   If/when that occurs, we will notify you and recommend additional security changes.

Important Note about User-Defined fields in Autotask

User-Defined fields (UDFs) in Autotask can be configured in such a way where they are marked as Protected.  You should be aware that unless you specifically grant the API Security Level for LCI access to Protected fields... the Autotask API will NOT return any UDF that is marked as protected.

Typically, protected fields are used for passwords, access codes, etc.  That is data that we do NOT pull into LCI.  So our recommendation is that you not grant the API Security Level access to protected fields.  Instead, ensure that your UDFs that you want to bring over to LCI are NOT protected.  To confirm if a UDF is protected or not, you may do the following in Autotask.

Go to Admin > User-Defined Fields

Click on the Configuration Items tab

Click on the UDF you want to ensure comes across to LCI

From here, you can determine if the fields is Protected or not.  If it is, and you want the field to come across to LCI... then uncheck Protected and click Save & Close.


Lifecycle Insights Configuration


Estimated time: < 5 minutes

There are two data points you will need to configure Autotask with Lifecycle Insights.  You must have Admin rights in LCI to perform these steps.

  • API Username
  • API User Password


  1. Log into Lifecycle Insights using the username and password you created in the previous section.  The login URL is: .
  2. Once logged in, notice the Left Navigation pane has an Integrations Option under Administration. Click on Integrations, and your main content pane will show the list of available integration sources.  Choose Autotask



3. Next, please fill in the form

  • Check Autotask Integration Active
  • Enter the API Username (Exactly as you set up in Autotask)
  • Enter the API password (Exactly how you set it up in Autotask).




4. Click Test Settings.  You should see a message 'Connection Successful.'  If you do not, please email us.

5. Click Save Settings.  If this is the first time you are saving your credentials, and the Autotask Integration Active box is checked… LCI will immediately launch into the initial sync process.


Note:  Once the Autotask configuration is set up, it can take up to 1 hour for the initial data sync.  This delay only occurs on the initial sync.  You should receive an email once the initial sync is complete.