NOTE: On October 17, 2021, Lifecycle Insights updated the platform to say "Recommendations" instead of "Projects."

Lifecycle Insights Recommendations will allow you to link assessment items and assets to a recommendation where you can add additional labor and material costs. Recommendations can be included or excluded in the budget forecast according to the status chosen. Recommendations can be printed separately and/or included in budget forecast.

Highly suggest to watch the full video on how to create a project if this is your first Recommendations. Project creation video

Recommendations can be created 3 ways:

a) Add new project - start from scratch

b) From the asset list

c) From assessment analytics

We will show the first step of each as part of Step 1 - after you choose your path, move to Step 2.

1a) Add new project. Choose project from the left hand navigation pane and then hit the Add New Recommendation button.

1b) Go to the asset list and select the assets that you want to add to the Recommendation. After you select assets, you will see a Choose an Action dropdown. Choose the "Create Recommendations" option.

1c) To create a Recommendation from an assessment, click on Assessments in the left hand navigation, go to the Assessment Analytics by Customer tile and Choose the tab titled "Item Detail/Exposure Table (link to Recommendation). Select the Assessment Items that you want to include on the Recommendation and then click the "Create Recommendation From Selected Items" button that appears.

2) Now that you have opened a Recommendation - some of the items might be prefilled depending how you got here. Enter the fields shown:

NOTE: When selecting Recommendations dates, you will click first on the start date and then drag/click on an end date. When you hit apply, this will expand the Estimate table below to allow you to move costs to the various months included in the project.

3) Enter any NEW labor and material costs. If you are replacing assets, click on the Linked Assets dropdown to select add/select assets for replacement. 

After selecting the assets, you will see those populate on the Recommendation.

4) If you are associating the Recommendation to items on an assessment, click on the dropdown for Linked Assessment items.

5) Save your project

NOTE: After you save your project, you will have an additional option to add recurring costs (just above the Linked Assets dropdown):

6) Enter the details in the fields provided:

7) Hit save to return to the project. You will now see the recurring charge populated BELOW the estimate for the one time expense of the project.

8) Hit save at the bottom of the project.

9) To print the Recommendation, scroll to the top and select the word doc icon in the upper right hand corner.

10) Upload or select a logo to include in the print out.

11) Click generate report to get an editable word doc download of the Recommendation:

12) When you have completed the project, be sure to change the status to Completed (and hit Save). This will pop up a modal asking if you would like Lifecycle Insights to automatically convert the recurring charges to a contract.