Onboarding - User Cleanup

(Day 2)

When reviewing the User List in Lifecycle Insights, there are many use cases for how to address discrepancies or look for places where you could save clients money, correct billing for users, and ensure accuracy in the user report. 

Click on the User List Tab in the left hand navigation bar. If you have integrations to both your Primary and MS365, you will see two columns with red/green swatches. (NOTE: if you would like to import additional user lists, see the article on Importing Users)

screengrab of user listUsing the red/green swatches you can answer the following questions:

Primary Data Source Missing but active in 365? (ie. Red in Primary source and green in 365)

  • Chance to bill for an extra user?

  • Would this user be able to call the helpdesk and get assistance?

MS365 missing user 

  • Did they leave the company?  

Identify the users who exist in MS365, but haven’t logged in for 30+ days - 

  • Service Account? 

  • Separated Employee?

Identify users in MS365 who NEVER logged in

  • No show on first day of work?  

  • Service Account?