The dashboard populates data for the company that is selected in the drop-down picker at the top of the screen (left side above the dashboard)Dashboard tilesThe Missing Data Fields tile will give details about assets that are missing specific data. Click on the arrow icon next to the type of missing data you wish to review and it will show in a pop out modal. You will be able to manage columns with the blue gear. This feature will be useful if you want to adjust the information you see especially for printing (see download icons in top right of modal).

The Data Quality Score shows the percentage of data missing in each category. Clicking on the lightbulb icon will show details on how the scores are calculated.

missing data data quality score

Total technology debt represents all of the assets that have expired (red).

total technology debt

Clicking into any pie piece will give you an asset list of the assets in that health category.

End of life health

Clicking into any of the bars will give you details on the assets in that category.

end of life replacement cost

Click into the arrow in the top bar of the budget forecast tile to see the budget for expiring assets. This can be configured with the blue gear to adjust for printing.

budget forecast

Clicking into any column will filter assets based on the type chosen.

technology debt by type

If you have completed an assessment for this client, you will see the summary details. To view the full assessment, click on the arrow icon in the title bar. Printing is then available.

latest assessment