As of December 2021, our Q1 2022 Roadmap items are as follows: (Please note that these items are subject to change)

  • Targeting ticket integration by the end of 2021 but it might bleed into Q1 of 2022. This would be the functionality to push to a ticket.
  • SSO exposed for all
  • CS
    • Segmentation
    • Customer Health
    • Stack Alignment
    • Customer Detail
    • Filter by group/account manager
  • New Warranty/End of Life report
  • Ability to send Warranty/EOL report via link
  • Warranty lookup only subscription/add-on
  • KnowB4 Security Awareness reporting
  • MS365 MFA Status (possibly additional security awareness stats)
  • Rewrite of QBR Business review page

This doc will be updated quarterly.

If you have ideas for our product roadmap. please enter a support ticket or reach out to a member of our customer success team.