If you want the ability to communicate your Ticket Performance in your Business Review Meeting, LCI now offers the ability to include a Tickets Dashboard as part of your Report Builder Template.

Here is a sample of the display (varies slightly based on PSA):

Display of dashboard showing number of tickets and ticket types

We pull Ticket stats from your PSA.  Currently we support pulling from Autotask, Connectwise Manage and Syncro. You must ensure that the security privileges' associated with your PSA API key has the appropriate access to Tickets.  

1) Step 1: Follow these guides depending on your set up in LCI.

LCI Setup
Guide (Click Link Below)
CW Manage is your Primary IntegrationConnectwise Manage Tickets - API Security Requirements
Autotask is your Primary IntegrationAutotask Tickets - API Security Requirements
Syncro is your Primary IntegrationSyncro Tickets - API Security Requirements
Halo is your Primary IntegrationHalo PSA Tickets - API Security Requirements
IT Glue is your Primary Integration - Tickets are in AutotaskSupplement IT Glue with Autotask
IT Glue is your Primary Integration - Tickets are in CW Manage
Supplement IT Glue with CW Manage
IT Glue is your Primary Integration - Tickets are in Syncro
Supplement IT Glue with Syncro
IT Glue is your Primary Integration - Tickets are in HaloSupplement IT Glue with Halo

Once you have finished the steps in whichever guide was applicable to you, your LCI instance is ready to report on tickets.  We sync tickets once a day, but if you want to perform a sync right away and you have access to Data Sync Manager... you can do that.  For more information on how to use Data Sync Manager, please click on this link.

Tickets in Report Builder

We have added a new Component in Report Builder for Tickets.  It is important to note that this component will ONLY show up if we have successfully been able to pull Tickets from your PSA for the company you are looking at.

2) Step 2: To add the Tickets component to your Report Builder template, click on Add Component, then select Tickets (Beta) Templates

Next, click the Add button.

3) Step 3: Add selected reporting component

At this point, you will be prompted for a selection - and that prompt will be different based on which PSA you are using for your ticket source.  For example, Connectwise will prompt you for a Board and Autotask will prompt you for a Queue.

Make your selection, and at that point, the Tickets Dashboard will render.

That's it - it's as easy as that!

Our goal at this point is to provide you with the ability to share with your customers a high level overview of how tickets are being entered, and also to demonstrate ticket volumes.   We will be diving deeper into Tickets more if you choose to use our Customer Success module scheduled to be released in 2022.