If you want the ability to communicate Security Awareness Training results/status in your Business Review Meeting, LCI now offers the ability to include Breach Secure Now (BSN) data in a couple of different reports in our platform.

Specifically, you can view BSN data in:

The User List

And there is a new report called: Security Awareness

Lastly, we have added a new component in Report Builder that allows you to bring in your BSN data.

Note on ESS Color Coding:  We follow BSN cut scores for color coding ESS Scores.  The scale is:

0-499 -> Poor/Red

500-629 -> Fair/Yellow

630-800 -> Good/Green

How to Enable the BSN Integration within LCI

If in step #1 below, you do NOT see the Integrations tab, please contact LCI Support and we will work with LCI to get in enabled for you.

Step 1: Enabling Lifecycle Insights as an integration partner in BSN

  1. Log in to BSN
  2. In the Left Nav Pane, click on
  3. Click on the Integrations tab
  4. Enable Lifecycle Insights
  5. Copy the Partner Integration Key

Note #1: If you do not see the Partner Integration Key after enabling LCI, please refresh your page. 

Note #2: If you do not see any vendors listed under Integration Partners, hit the down arrow to expand the panel to the far right of Integration Partners

Step 2: Register the BSN API Key in LCI, Match Companies and Perform the Initial Sync

1. Log in to LCI

2. In the left Nav pane, click on Integrations, then click on the Breach Secure Now tile.

3.  In the Breach Secure Now Settings page, perform the following:

  • Check the box to integration integration is Active
  • Paste in your partner integration key from BSN (You copied this from BSN earlier)
  • Click Save Settings

Note: If the area to paste in your partner integration key is disabled, please reload your browser to ensure you have the lastest version of LCI.

After click Save Settings, you will receive the following message:

In order to load BSN data, we will need to match the company names from BSN to the company names in LCI.

Next, click on the COMPANY MATCH tab.

If you don't see any companies listed, please click on the REFERESH COMPANIES FROM BREACH SECURE NOW button.

Finally, for applicable BSN Client Name/s, match the appropriate LCI Company Name.  By default when you match, the Integration Enabled? checkbox will be selected.   That means we will pull data for that company.  To turn off the integration for a specific company, deselect that checkbox.

Note: Any changes made on the Company Match page will automatically Save.

Step 4: Syncing data from BSN to LCI

Data will sync from BSN to LCI once a day whenever your normal build runs.   If you want to perform an ondemand sync, you can do the following:

1.  In the Breach Secure Now Settings page, you can click the Sync Now! button.  Note, this button will only be enabled if:

  • The BSN integration is active
  • At least one company is matched with Integration Active? selected

2.  If you have the Professional Edition or above, you can use Data Sync Manager to initiate a sync.  For more information on how to use Data Sync Manager, you can review this article: Data Sync Manager.

The initial sync can take up to 10 minutes.  After waiting that time, you can click on the Security Awareness report in the left Nav pane to view your BSN data for a company you have enabled!